Kick in de Kok 2011

06 января 2011 года
It's time to take out Your cleats, because this Year spring will come a bit earlier!

The truth is that the most kicking tournament of 2011 – Kick in the Kök, has taken a bigger, higher and more sophisticated scale!
Kick in de Kök 2011 will be held on 19-20th of March on the best quality artificial grass hall in Tallinn, Estonia. All the fields will be located under the same roof and there won’t be any obstacles for throwing high hammers or any other throws you can think of! ;)
The tournament is located NOW at the Männiku hall. (Address is Võidu 16, look at the Google maps, to see the hall size click the YouTube link at the end of the invitation and don't forget to open the attached pictures)
You can play with regular grass cleats or as well with artificial grass shoes.
The team fee will be 110 EUR.
The tournament format is regular indoor 5-to-5 and 24 open and 12 women teams will be expected.
Preliminary deadline for registration is 20th of February
Deposit of 35 EUR is expected till 1th of March to the SEB bank account of Tallinna Frisbeeklubi, account no 10220021001010.
So, it's really time to get excited, because this Year, we'll get to grass a bit earlier than expected.

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All the necesary information will be avaiable on our Web Site
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